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Decision intelligence is the discipline of turning information into better actions at any scale. Our comprehensive expertise in Deep Learning & Machine Learning solutions are.,


Our fintech AI/ML & Deep Learning models helps in various financial sectors. Few solutions are, KYC automation using Facial Recognition with liveness, OCR data extraction from ID cards for Loan processing units.

Health care

Hospital bills prediction, types of diseases classification based on records. Natural Language Processing (NLP) to book doctor’s appointments and administrative tasks. Models by using anomaly detection algorithms to predict heart attacks, strokes, sepsis and other serious complications to predict.

IoT - Manufacture Industry

Our solutions in Oil & gas and energy fields industries enables with IoT solutions reads periodic data from machineries thru IoT devices & sensors and provides intelligence analytical insights. Using customized deep learning models to helps these sectors to brings predictive and preventive maintenance solutions.

IoT - Retail Industry

An end-to-end solution to help retails stores, restaurants to get insights about returning customers through Image analytics, facial recognitions, sentimental analysis features. Our solutions to build ML, deep learning based recommendation engines which helps retails customers to get recommended products, food menus.

Image Processing

Expertise in providing various solutions for image processing, object detections and recognitions, image classifications features implementations using deep learning and machine learning algorithms. Algorithms such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) with various architectures such as Google Inception, VGG16, VGG19, AlexNet, ResNet and Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithms. Object detections algorithms such Yolo, Yolov3, Fast & Faster R-CNN.

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